Wildlife field research and conservation :-
Machan jungle camps and wildlife safari is a sister initiative and partner of W ILD SURVEY NORT EAST (wildlife conservation
North east)which is a field based wildlife field study and conservation organization of north east India that seeks to achieve real conservation goals through scientific field works and participatory conservation practices. Our field workers are our real conservation assets upon whom the organization counts for the long term existence of the unique and diverse wildlife of the region. Our team of senior conservationist and consultants monitors and steers the functioning of the organization to achieve the various laid out goals. In some of the most inaccessible landscapes of the region particularly Arunachal Pradesh, our workers and researchers have done commendable works through sheer dedication and commitments and brought out good results and attained the desired objectives. Man wildlife conflicts is a high priority and a much heated conservation topic of the region that had constantly brought about existential threats to several species of wildlife specially Leopards, elephants and wildlife buffaloes .WSNE had done exceptionally good works towards mitigation man-wildlife conflicts and rescuing the threatened species be it leopard from tea Estates or wild buffaloes from reverine farmlands or spreading precautionary and conservation messages in elephant depredation prone areas.
In the areas of tiger field studies in Arunachal Pradesh WSNE is one of the pioneering organization which had started in 2005 a long term tiger field survey and monitoring projects in the states some of the most remote land scapes starting from the reserved forests (non wildlife designated area) and currently working to expand the tiger field survey and monitoring programme to the notified wildlife areas.

Poisoning of wetlands for fish and birds is a major conservation threat for the region. Wild survey north east had worked relentlessly towards identification of potential wetland bird habitats along the major rivers of upper Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh and had also identified grassland habitats in the riverine islets of the Brahmaputra .Carrying out conservation awareness among the rural communities and stakeholders living near the wetlands and riverine islets and maintaining a regularly monitored bird cheklists for each areas is primary objectives of the organization..

North east in home to a diverse range of endangered wildlife which include hoolock Gibbon the only ape in India.WSNE had carried out a thorough and ground breaking survey of hoolock gibbons in eastern Arunachal Padesh particularly Namsai Forest Division. The habitat of this unique ape is fast depleting and WSNE had drawn attention of the authorities to its plight and that of its habitat i.e tropical lowland rain forest of eastern Arunachal.

Among other species that WSNE had done pilot conservation and survey works are clouded leopards, red panda, snow leopards,Mishmi Takin,Hornbill etc.
Currently since last couple of years WSNE is carrying out a Tiger field research project in eastern Arunachal Pradesh from the organizations field base at Wakro in Kamlang wildlife sanctuary.
This safari initiative is a sustenance vehicle for our conservation project. As much as forty percent of our profits goes to our conservation projects and tries to ensure the long term sustainability of some of our most important conservation field projects.