Team –

Asif Ahmed Hazarika :Wildlife Safari and Camping Expedition Leader
( Wildlife Researcher & Conservationist )

Dr.Anil Kr.Goswami : Chief Programme  Consultant
( Renowned Educationalist & Conservationist , former Principal of Cotton College)

K Namchoom : Technical Consultant
( IFS Retd. P C C F Arunachal pradesh)

Mr. Soto Thallai : Chief Field  Coordinator and Logistics Manager
( Agro forestry entrepreneur & Conservation Awareness Activist )

Mrs. Bharati Dutta : Conservation and sustainable Wildlife Tourism awareness Coordinator.
( Retd. Professor of Geography ,DHSK college researcher  and Literature.)

Dr Asimav Dutta : Consultant Biodiversity Conservation,Tourism and   livelihood.
Head of Department  Zoology Moran college Dibrugarh.